Flatpack Moscow 4 – Gorky Park

Six hundred and forty one windows later, MOSCOW is looking fairly complete.I really enjoyed painting this project for a few minutes each evening, just chilling out.


Moscow looking north west

One late addition to the city is the treeline at GORKY PARK (Парк горького). I kept thinking that the northeast corner of the city was a little bare, so trees were the answer.


Moscow looking south west

Spring/high summer won out over the more colourful autumn or the equally tempting bare branches of winter. I couldn’t resist adding a few tables with parasols.

IMGP0143 The summer delights of Gorky Park

It is tempting to keep faffing and adding more detail, but the template is ready to game with. Saint Basil’s can wait for now. I shall hunt for some more suitable statues than the Space marines some day.

IMGP0140 Moscow looking south east

The Kremlin and Red Square are looking suitably red, but they will have to wait until the city is retaken for a proper May Day parade. The Fascists may yet be strutting up and down for a while longer.

IMGP0144Red Square looking south east

IMGP0141Moscow looking north east


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Flatpack Moscow 3

The city template has been blocked out with a blue-green-grey undercoat. The aim will be to have the brighter colours on the older buildings in the city centre, with more grey,  burning and shell holes out on the outskirts.

Moscow_04Moscow_05Moscow looking West

The city is divided into cells, being differentiated by black lines and different ground colours. North is off to the right of the picture below.


Phil Steele very kindly gave me a Celtic cross that he had spare. I briefly toyed with the idea of leaving it silver, as a tribute to his celebrated technique of headswopping just before a battle!

Moscow_06Moscow_11Moscow looking North

As the rows of windows advance, the city is beginning to take on three dimensions, despite the buildings being flat facades. For me, the illusion is complete, but then I’m easily pleased. I don’t mind that some of the original stations and St Basil’s are in 3-D, or that some of the doors and buildings are in different scales. The discrepancies are lost in the welter of detail.

Moscow_08Moscow looking East

Moscow_09Moscow looking South. Muscovites will be looking closely to see if they can see their house from here!


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Flatpack Moscow 2

With the help of cork tiles, card and the odd bit of plastic detrius, the new skyline of MOSCOW is rising. The Vandal tourists pulling wheelies down Dmitrovskoya Street, (a stunt that they never pulled off in real life), are just for you Arthur!


Initially, I found putting the square windows on to be a bit of a chore, but it soon became quite theraputic when done to the strains of Salut Salon or something relaxing.


St Basil’s still needs work, but the cork will be ready for painting soon. Just another 100 or so windows to go! If I ever think of doing steampunk, please talk me out of it someone. Rivets – *shudder*



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Liebsters – Hate ‘em – but Thanks

Actually it’s chain letters that I hate; but as Graham Evans, (thanks Graham), gave me a mention on the Liebster Award without telling me that his Great Aunt in South Africa has recently passed away, mentioned me in her will and needs my bank account details, I have no grounds to be curmudgeonly.

1. Why did you start blogging?
Much easier than updating a website that Virgin kept throttling.

2. If you could change one thing about the wargaming hobby, what would it be?
The minority aversion to soap and speciality men’s grooming products, such as toothpaste.

3. What is best in life?
Oh God! Another Emmy Award opportunity to forget to mention the one person who is going end up putting on the Pouty Bat Face.


Nobody else cares that I love my Wife, Mother and Friends. I’m certainly not going to confess to any obsessive addiction to computer games or studying obscure ailments of the lower limb, or beer, or WarHamster 40p, or fast women. It has to be kayaking!

Warhamster 40K Black Templar by ursulav

4. Do you want to live forever?

When the planet is engulfed in firey ashes, you will still not have started the first measurable picofraction of your existence. Does the questioner not understand how infinity works?


5. Fame or fortune?
I’m already infamous as Gale Porter’s stunt double.

6. What miniatures are you most proud of having painted?
The Airfix LEM that used to sit in the entrance lobby of Frederick Gough Grammer School back in 1969.

7. How do you deal with burn out?
Fresh fuel and firelighters. 

Leningrad Cowboys8. Why is a raven like a writing desk?
Because writing desks clearly also like to hang about by motorways pecking out the eyes of roadkill.


9. Star Wars or Star Trek?
Babylon 5.

10. If you could only buy from one miniature company from now on, which one would it be?
Spencer Smith. But it’s hypothetical, so I’m going to carry on purchasing from Peter Pig, PSC, Zvezda and all the others.

11. What is your favourite takeaway?

Frikadelle mit Pommes und Mayo bitte – kein Senf.

Most everyone else already has been nominated. That’s the problem of coming in at the end of these pyramid nomination schemes. Instead, I’ve updated my sidebar a little … enjoy

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Flatpack Moscow

The Axis powers have been occupying a purpose-built MOSCOW tile  for some time now, but before its next game it is time to add a few more flat vertical dividers in the style of KHARKOV. Here is the baseboard before it gets the Ikea makeover. The NKVD would approve of the wild inaccuracy of this German intelligence model of the city for briefing LittleHitler.


This is the view a Heinkel pilot would have trying to bomb the centre of Moscow:


And here is how the model usually appears from the east with its fill-in buildings. Native Muscovites are entitled to look confused at this point:


I have a thing about the colour of concrete. Our minds tell us that it is Portland Cement grey. In reality it is usually dustier, lighter and more of a biscuit shade. Even so, MOSCOW needs greying a little to get rid of the African Shanty Town look. Blackadder may feel that more elephants and fewer armament factories are needed. To be continued …


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NQM 21st Panzer Division Orbat

I haven’t been entirely idle since the last post*. Here is the new sleek orbat for 21st Panzer division:


21st Panzer Division (Generalmajor Johann von Ravenstein until 29 November (prisoner of war), then Generalmajor Karl Böttcher) Comd car (C3), Signals Sdkfz 222 [or captured Dorchester or SdKfz 263](C3), 20mm Flak Truck (S3), Engineer truck (L3), 2 Engineer stands (F2), Ammo Truck (L3), POL Truck (L3),  Ambulance Sdkfz 251 (L3).


5th Panzer Regiment Comd PzII or PzIII (F3), 3 PzIII** (F3), 1 PzIV (F3)


  • 104th Infantry Regiment  Comd Sdkfz 250, 251 or 263 (CF3), 2 Comd car (1 may be an Sdkfz 250 or 251) (CF3), 37mm Pak (S3) + Limber (L3), 2 Sdkfz 251 (F3), 2 Truck (F3)./80


  • 155th Artillery Regiment Comd car (C3), FOO (C1), Sdkfz 11 Limber (L3), 105mm Gun [or  SiG 33 or Lorraine Schlepper  15cm] (S3), Sdkfz 10 Limber (L3), 50mm Pak (S3)

Essentially, all that I have done is remove the infantry stands from the panzer grenadier companies, and made the SdKfz an (F3) stand in the same way that a tank model is. The orphaned infantry have all gone to swell the ranks of the infantry divisions.

See Also 15 Panzer Division

*For those wondering what I fritter my spare time away with at work, “Advanced Podiatry” is not nearly as exciting as it sounds. It mostly involves learning which bits of the foot to poke, to find out where it hurts. A Surgeon will then chop bits out and fix the rest with screws until it doesn’t.

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