Chris Kemp’s NQM

Welcome to the new low-key NQM Blog. I have despaired of ever kicking the ntlworld website into shape as the bandwidth has been throttled to the point that I will never have enough space to complete the orbat pages. The plan is eventually to migrate the important content over to here. For now, it is the home of my campaign diary.

Find the rules and orbats on or or by Googling “Chris Kemp’s NQM” if the link breaks, as it does regularly



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4 responses to “Chris Kemp’s NQM

  1. Nice to have you join us Chris. Blogging isn’t fault free but it can only be easier than dealing with your website issues!


  2. I now the frustration one can experience, especially when trying to find the best alternative.

    Curious to know if you explored Google Sites and if so, your conclusions.



    • Hi Arthur,

      Haven’t really looked to be fair. Given limited spare time, migrating to a blog was quicker than setting up another website – I’ve tried 3 ISPs over the years and none have been entirely satisfactory.


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