The Original Strategic Map

The strategic map that I use is Frank Chadwick’s excellent Europa Map. One can (just) see a combination of the pinnacles of 20th century technology, talc sleeves, spirit pens and Sasco wall planner labels.

The map has now been spray mounted to a metal sign board and magnetic unit and formation markers have replaced the Sasco labels

Army Group North and Most of Army Group Centre, From LENINGRAD to MOSCOWArmy Group Centre, showing the concentration of forces around MOSCOW

Army Group South, showing LittleHitler’s relative lack of interest in Southern Russia



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5 responses to “The Original Strategic Map

  1. yesthatphil

    Hi Chris … Nice job … (you have been beavering away loading all that content up!)
    Well, it’s a great resource, but don’t forget to use the standard blogging home page to let us know what you’re up to …
    (photos of those Zvezda KV1s you recently got, for example) … 🙂




  2. Bob Cordery

    Good to see that you have joined the world of blogging!

    I look forward to reading more of your expolits (and your campaign) over the coming months.

    All the best,

    Bob Cordery


  3. Splendid. All close to my heart. Per Bob Cordery’s advice I shall keep an eye on this.



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