New Strategic Map

Here is the strategic map spray mounted onto a metal signboard. It is still not crease free, so I may have to think about painting it directly onto the metal. A job for a rainy winter weekend! The real reason for posting the pictures is that if any of the markers fall off, there is a reference copy here. Future changes may need more security than being posted on an open public blog :O)

Army Group North, with the new magnetic markers

Army Group Centre

Army Group South



Filed under Axis War Diary, Land Battles, Soviet War Diary, Wargames, WWII

3 responses to “New Strategic Map

  1. A metal-mounted map? Very professional! If only I had a big enough bit of spare wall for such a device…


  2. yesthatphil

    You could spray mount the map onto your fridge door (incorporates people’s instinctive shuffling of fridge magnets into the wargame as incoherent Fuhrer Directives).

    Do any of the usual appliance manufacturers make their fridges with a hex pattern livery?


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