SU-76 Scale Discussion – Suka!

Phil Steele very kindly presented me with an SU-76 from Wizard models, remarking that he thought it was about the right scale, if somewhat small. He added that he thought my existing model from QRF was “probably a bit big”.

What ensued was one of those wine-and-cheese discussions in which I came round to the idea that the QRF probably was a bit big, but I felt that the Wizard was “probably a bit small”. The next morning I cheated and got the tape measure out.

Cutting a long story short it turned out that the QRF was spot on for a 1:100 model at 49mm by 27mm and that the Wizard worked out at 1:125, not the 1:144 that I suspected it to be. So we were both wrong, and my new Suka will join the Japanese Vickers light tanks, which I use at T-60 susbstitutes, and which look right next to it.

In the photo you can see a T-60, also kindly presented by Phil, which I have not measured but might also be “a bit small”. He has run a similar exercise on the BA-64 on his “P.B. Eye-candy” blog The new Soldiers in Plastic Soviets in summer uniform are in the background.

Suka and baby Suka



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5 responses to “SU-76 Scale Discussion – Suka!

  1. Tim Gow

    I have seen you field many more outrageous models than that! And I’m sure Phil has too…

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  2. From Seriously Suspicious, Decidedly Dodgy to “Oh, it’s a BA32” comes to mind! Until I found your page I didn’t know that Ersatztruppen was the proper term for stand ins….it has been happily borrowed!

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