Table 12 – Worked Example

Thanks to Mike and others who have reminded me  that if you haven’t seen Table 12 in use, then it is not  immediately obvious how it works. So here goes :

An Italian 47mm Anti tank stand takes on a Soviet T-34

Example 1 – A 47mm Italian anti tank company takes on a tank company from 1st Guards Armoured Tank Corps near Stalingrad. First point – the Light medium or heavy value of the two sides are flexible, depending on the scenario that the Umpire sets. It seems reasonable to assume Light for the 47mm anti tank gun attack and MEDIUM for it’s defence (Horrid little low profile company dug in on a reverse slope ) MEDIUM attack and defence for the tank company (driving forward in the open with 75mm guns and  proper medium armour).  Each company rolls one die per stand, so one light die rolls a 5 for the Anti tank and one medium die rolls a 6 for the recce. On table 12 light 5 against medium scores one pip, so a red pin goes onto the tank company and medium 6 against light scores 2 pips, so 2 red pins go onto the 47mm.

Brave Bersagliari see off a Greyhound!

Example 2 – Three Light infantry companies attack a light armoured recce company. They roll 3 light dice scoring 1,4,6. The 4 scores 0ne pip and the 6 scores two pips so a total of 3 pips go onto the Greyhound. In return the Greyhound rolls a 6 scoring 2 pips. The Italian player allocates them evenly on his troops putting one on each of two stands of his choice. Next move, if the Greyhound does not retire, it will be assaulted by the Bersagliari, who have won the firefight. As it has no effective fighting strength left it will be overrun. Time to pull out and reorganise!

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  1. Ah, Table 12. How the memories come flooding back!


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