Gasp! A Modelling Tutorial

In these days of modelling absolutely everything with greenstuff, it occurred to me that folk might not use gauze much any more for cam netting.

Phil Steele kindly gave me some very fine scale modelling netting, but I found this gauze lurking at the back of my first aid cabinet with a pre-millenium expiry date on it.

The picture explains almost everything, but I used contact adhesive to tack the gauze to my vehicles and will wet the netting with watered-down PVA adhesive applied with a brush. When the whole thing is dry it will be painted and dabbed with some model foliage. Phil does this sort of thing far better than I do :

P.B. Eye-candy :  Gebirgsjaeger



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2 responses to “Gasp! A Modelling Tutorial

  1. Arthur

    Neat. I recall having used fine lace netting, curtain or mosquito net type stuff.


  2. Thanks Arthur, it’s one of those Old School things that no-one does any more. Remember melting sprue and stretching it out to make ariels?


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