Camouflage nets 2

The glue is set and the paint is barely dry as 1st Shock Army rolls out to try a breakthrough on the northern flank of MOSCOW. It’s a bit early in 1942 for 85mm guns yet, but this is the model that I stuck the cam net to.

A camouflage net of rolled gauze prior to drybrushing renders this Old Glory UK T-34/85 barely visible against the yellow background.

A bit of brown paint with sand drybrushing and that’s it really. They looked fine without foliage, though I may stick some on later. Don’t laugh, this counts as super detailing for me 🙂

1st Guards Tank Division (The Tank element of an NQM Tank Brigade)



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3 responses to “Camouflage nets 2

  1. yesthatphil

    Blimey – I can hardly see them! :o)



  2. Arthur

    Heh, good camo, hardly visible… 🙂


  3. Wait until you see the Dazzle Camouflage! 🙂


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