Royal Hungarian Air Force

Here is the missing Hungarian air component for Barbarossa :

Royal Hungarian Air Force

LtGen                                                   Magyarossy

Fighter Group 1                                    (1) CR. 32

Fighter Group 2                                    (1) CR. 42 or Re. 2000*

Bomber Group 4                                  (1) Ca. 135b, (1) Ju 86K-2SR

Recon Squadrons                                 (1) He 46, (1) WM21

Long Range Recon Group                    (1) He 170A

October, 1942 acquisitions from Germany

(1)* Bf 109F-4  to re-equip Re 2000 unit.

(1) Ju 87D-1

(1) Ju 87D-5

(5) Me 210

Sources as per the previous post



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4 responses to “Royal Hungarian Air Force

  1. Mike

    One question I have, please. With such few planes aren’t even a few losses almost crippling? Or does it all seem to work out?


    • You are right to say that a few losses to allies of the Axis prove crippling Mike, which is why they don’t provide much opposition to determined Soviet attacks. It seems to work, but the Hungarian player usually feels duty-bound to grumble about just how little he has to command!

      Kind regards, Chris


  2. Mike

    Those Hungarians need to buck up and realize it is an honor to die for the Third Riech….just ask Hitler who expects it of all his people.
    (Just in case it’s not obvious, much sarcasm here….)


    • There were some rather lurid oil paintings in the Miiltary Museum in Budapest showing Hungarian pilots fighting the Soviets. The English caption reads “Flyers from the ultra right period of Hungarian history” and the German “unser helgenden Flieger”, our heroic fliers!

      It still doesn’t help if the Hungarians keep rolling ones and twos though 🙂


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