Royal Romanian Air Force

I have hived the Romanian air assets off into a seperate post to make it easier to read

Under operational control of 4 Fliegercorps :

Royal Romanian Air Force  (GAL)

Gen                                          Celareanu

Regt 1                                       (1) SM.79B, (1) PLZ 37B, (1) He 111H3

Regt 2                                      (1) Potez 63 B 2, (1) Bloch 210

Fighter Regt 1                           (1) He 112B, (1) Bf 109E3/4, (1)IAR-80/A

Army Cooperation Regt 2         (1) IAR-37, (1) IAR-38, (1) IAR-39

July 1942 Acquisitions from Germany

(2) Bf-109E-4

(2) He-111H

(1) SM-79 II

(1) Ju87B


1943 Acquisitions from Germany :

(3) Bf-109G

(1) Bf-109G-6

(4) Ju-87D

(3) Ju-88

(1) IAR-80

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