The Soviet Air Force Toybox.

By special request (You know who you are Tim!), here is the NQM collection of Soviet Air Armies (PVO) and Long Range Bomber Force (ADD) :



(2) I-15 (Il-153 from in early “”sky laquer”)

(3) I-16 Rata (Author’s models)

(4) LaGG-3 ( in winter MK-7 white laquer)

(2) Yak-7B ( in AMT-4/-6/-7 laquer)

(1) MiG-3 (Author’s Spitfire conversion in the older AEh-15 dark green lacquer and a red banner thumb to show what it should really look like!)

(2) Spitfire (lend-lease) (

(2) P-51 Mustang (lend-lease) (


(3) U-2 Kukuruznik (Another  dodgy diecast from the Author)

(1) A-20 Boston (lend-lease) (


(1) Il-21 Stormovik (early single seat 1/200 Author’s model)

(1) Il-22 Stormovik (later twin seat, converted from P-51 by Author)

(2) P-47 Thunderbolt (lend-lease) (


(1) TB-3 (TB-3 Bomber converted to G-2 transport originally by Revd Ian Lowell in the Author’s collection and one from to show what it should really look like)

(1) Il-4 (Author’s conversion of a Japanese Betty and from

(1) Pe-8 (Author’s conversion of a USAF Flying Fortress and from again)

Missing from this list are the hordes of AA regiments, represented in my army at the moment by a few 1/72 and 15mm Bofors guns borrowed from my US and British collection

And here they are in a disorderly state, waiting to be bombed by the Luftwaffe! These boxes probably look disorganised enough to enter the “show us your spares box” thread”

For the inner modeller inside us all, there are many online resources. This one is a good start : (



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2 responses to “The Soviet Air Force Toybox.

  1. A most impressive list! I can add the following:
    1 R-5
    3 I-153
    1 I-16
    3 LA-3
    1 MIG-3
    3 IL-2 Sturmovik
    3 SB-2
    1 IL-4
    1 L-2
    1 Hurricane
    1 P39
    2 B25
    It looks as if the Luftwaffe still has the edge – if they can get the fuel!


  2. I like the Pe-8. I’ve been considering chopping up a B-17 for that purpose.


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