Almost Mechanised – Soviet Armoured Forces 1942-45

Here is the state of key equipment in the tank corps following massive losses of all types through 1942. Mechanised corps were absorbing most of the new production as it was shown that the tank corps possessed insufficient infantry, artillery or logistic support to exploit breakthroughs. To make sense of these orbat fragments you should read them in conjunction with the NQM Orbat pages for tanks and mechanised troops :

The new Tank Corps

1943 onwards, 1944 onwards, 1945 onwards.

Tank corps HQ. Command car (s3), Signal Van (s3), T-34 (s3).

Tank brigade x 3. 3 T-70 (s2), 3 T-34 (s3), 0 T-70, 6 T-34 (s3). This is a total for all 3 brigades and a vast improvement on the state of  the tank corps in April 1942 shown below.

Motor rifle brigade.  Comd (s3), 82mm mortar (s3), 120mm mortar (s3).

Infantry Battalion x 3  Comd (s3), 2-3 Rifle (s3), 0-1 SMG (s3), Truck (s3).

Artillery Regiment. 76mm gun (s2)(s1)(s3) + Limber (s3), Su76/85 (s3)(s4), SU-152 (s2), [Katushas, SU-152, are shown at army, or artillery division level.]

A Zvezda 15mm T-26 and KV-1 with a Plastic Soldier Company T-34 make the tank element of a 1942 Soviet tank corps

It should be stressed once more that these were authorised strengths, not necessarily achieved strengths. The Soviets might have flattered themselves that this was a corps, but it looked divisional-sized to the Wehrmacht. In particular, very few of the tank corps received their supporting units until 1943-44.

The new Mechanised Corps :

Mechanised corps HQ. Command car (s3), Signal Van (s3), T-34 (s3).

Tank bde . 1 T-70 (s2), 5 T-34 (s3), 0 T-70, 6 T-34 (s3).

Motor rifle brigade HQ x 2-3. Comd (s3), 82mm/120mm mortar (s3) [The division had a mix of three 82mm or 120mm], 45mm Atk gun (s3), 37mm AA (s3) [both in the 1st brigade only, or with the divisional HQ]. In February 1943 the AA was consolidated into a corps AA battalion.

Infantry Bn x 6-9* Comd (s3), 2-3 Rifle (s3), 0-1 SMG (s3), Truck (s3).  * I only model 9 infantry battalions in a guards division and not always then either. All 3 brigades may have been motorised, but equally, only one may have, with the remainder marching, or riding on tanks. Submachine gun companies were raised specifically as tank riders – they had a short life expectancy.

Artillery Regt. 76mm gun (s3), Su-76/85 (s2), SU-152 (s2), 37mm AA (s3) then shown at army level after 1943, Katushas, SU-152, are shown at army, or artillery division level.

One of the 122mm guns that appeared in batteries of four guns at divisional level, so I show them at corps level and above.

An SU-122/152 battalion. Surprisingly, these were replaced by SU-85s that had better armour piercing capabilities. This level of detail is best left to tactical games.

Guesting on this blog before Phil finishes the model and posts it on his own is his TK-4. Actually though, I am more excited by his Zis-5 BZ fuel truck because it shows the way forward for conversions. Top marks as ever Phil!

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