The Reorganised Tank Corps Toys

It’s been a wet fortnight, which no-one in the UK  needs to be reminded of, so as light relief from work I moved my reorganised tank corps from its big foolscap box to a smaller Billy bookshelf box, which it now fits. Missing is the logistic support, which is in a separate corps box and a few infantry stands – you can see the bases waiting for them when they arrive.

This was prompted by me finding an old tin of Humbrol 80 grass green enamel matt at the back of my painting drawer. It must be at least 15 years old but is still in perfect condition. Never let it be said that I rush into projects. The plan, years back, was that I would quickly paint everything on the Soviet side in a black green undercoat, then a lighter shade of olive green and brown over the top. The brown was very quickly done but somehow the very deep green undercoat became a permanent topcoat. I bought the 80 green originally for Soviet aircraft as it is quite a saturated colour that mimics the civilian shade of tractor green that they used, but it works quite well on vehicles too, and is close enough to Phil Steele’s stuff (which I think is probably close to Humbrol 76) for it to appear on the table together (not that it ever stopped us in the past). This work-in-progress shows the difference between the shades quite clearly.



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6 responses to “The Reorganised Tank Corps Toys

  1. yesthatphil

    Ironically, Chris …

    Humbrol 80 is what I use as an undercoat/primer before drybrushing on acrylic colours for the dull green and weathering.

    Interesting mix of stuff in that box as usual :o)


  2. Night stuff, and it works for me….I just have 4 more tanks in mine….)
    I like that green by the way.


  3. Chris,

    This looks very good to me, and I like the interesting mixture of models and figures that you have used.

    It must be the weather, but I am also about to embark on a big-ish sort out of my stuff. I have come to the conclusion that I now have more books etc., than I need, and that getting rid of some of the excess will mean that I can use what is left much more effectively. As long as the weather stays bad for the next few days, I will not feel inclined to put the sort-out off again.

    All the best,



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