The (Smaller Unofficial) Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Parade

Excitement is growing in the ranks this year as, despite there being  no projected summer campaign, there is going to be a big parade. As HRH has not replied to the (admittedly very small) letters dropped into the post, the parade will be inspected by ChibiChurchill and SmallStalin. No-one is expecting LittleHitler to be seen quite so close to the frontline, but one of his generals may well stand in. It will be hard to keep MiniMussolini away as there is the prospect of being able to bare his chest in the sun, and he will probably want to be at the front of the parade on his white horse, but he’s not going to be allowed to be, so there’s an end to it!

You can see an undress rehearsal with a few trucks and ‘planes receiving coats of paint prior to moving into barracks closer to the parade ground. A good deal of polishing and painting is going on inside the British boxes. The German boxes are rocking a bit as they goose-step up and down. All that can be heard from the Italian boxes is laughter and the clinking of wine glasses. In the event of rain on the day of the parade I will head to the pub to watch the real parades getting wet. There is no plan ‘B’


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  1. Should be an interesting parade once underway……God Bless the Queen…)


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