The Unofficial NQM Diamond Jubilee Parade

The day of the Diamond Jubilee Thames Flotilla dawned blustery and cloudy, so the troops stayed boxed up safely in the dry. No Parade Today. Monday was fitfully squally with a wet parade ground. It was beginning to look rather like the run-up to D-Day. Tuesday morning opened with low grey clouds skittering across the sky and no rain due until lunchtime. The Parade was on at 08:00hrs!

By 08:40 the first troops lined up at the head of the parade: From front to rear, Royal Horse Artillery, Royal Engineers and anti-tank guns form next to despatch riders for the inspection party. Three Commonwealth infantry brigades, 4.5″ field artillery batteries and anti-aircraft guns. A Royal Naval shore party can be seen towards the right rear. The NQM Order of Seniority is somewhat different to the British Army.

Below, the second parade square forms: 6pdr anti-tank batteries RA, Household Cavalry and the 11th Hussars, Royal Tank and Yeomanry regiments. Further back are Guards Armoured, Parachute and County regiments.

The reason for previous sounds of hilarity from the Italian boxes is now apparent; they have wangled their way into the third echelon of the parade ahead of the Americans, Soviets and Germans. Hand-me-down French and converted diecast equipment feature heavily in the front ranks. The San Marco Marine Division stand proudly and loosely to attention with the experimental Titan Terror Tank belching smoke (the first T-28 conversion that was so bad it lives in my collection of AK47 Munchkin tanks ). Behind are Ariete and Centauro armoured divisions. An American Marine division has made it to this side of The Pond for the parade. At the front right of this parade square, the Duke of Plaza-Toro proudly stands in an unaccustomed position at the front of his regiment.

“In enterprise of martial kind, When there was any fighting, He led his regiment from behind (He found it less exciting). But when away his regiment ran, His place was at the fore, O – That celebrated, Cultivated, Underrated Nobleman, The Duke of Plaza-Toro!”

The last Italians march out on the fourth parade square: a Colonial infantry division flanked by a Hungarian Division, and behind, a ceremonial Romanian contingent. The partially-painted Romanians  became quite huffy when they found out they were going to be behind their traditional enemy, so half of them stayed at home. At the back of this square the first Soviet artillery comes on.

…to be continued.



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4 responses to “The Unofficial NQM Diamond Jubilee Parade

  1. I love a good Parade!!


  2. my first thought at looking at the three M113s in parade-007 photo was “shades of a 1960s war movie!” ……but I got better…love the pics,
    keep um coming!


  3. yesthatphil

    The usual engaging mix of modelling gems and aberrations, Chris (good job wargaming loves an eccentric …) … :o)


  4. Thanks for the kind comments chaps. The M113s were supposed to be on the AK47 parade square, but I like the Idea of Pattons and M3 halftracks with huge iron crosses on them. Phil … it gets worse later 🙂 I’ve just noticed the ladybird on the middle 6pdr on the front left 2nd parade square. Shades of “Where’s Wally”.


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