The Unofficial NQM Diamond Jubilee Parade Finale

As the VVS took to the air, the clouds lowered and darkened. Fortunately 15mm aircraft can fly perfectly safely with a cloud ceiling of nine inches, so succeeding waves of aircraft and helicopters formed up.

Major Bigglevski lead the flypast with a field air traffic control van in close formation! Postwar aircraft mingled with the Desert Air Force and the naval contingent. Bob Cordery’s aircraft carrier could just be seen on the right

The skies really were looking ominous now so the VIP party toured the front of the parade at high speed. Here they are rushing past the German contingent: It cannot be seen from this angle, but ChibiChurchill has just wound down his window and is waving a cheery Victory V at the Panzers. SmallStalin can be seen in the lend-lease Dodge behind, followed by General Zhivago in his Rolls Royce and a motley collection of German generals in kubelwagen..

No sooner had this photo been taken than the first spots of rain arrived. The Luftwaffe and Imperial Japanese Navy were still grounded for lack of fuel, but there was no time for photographs – everything was piled indoors onto every available flat surface and the packing up began in order that we could eat lunch. A very close run thing indeed. All four of Bob Cordery’s scratchbuilt naval vessels in my collection can be seen in the final shot below.



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4 responses to “The Unofficial NQM Diamond Jubilee Parade Finale

  1. Chris there is one question I’ve been wanting to ask ever since I ran across your old NQM page….Why are your German Recon Motorcycles painted red?


  2. Ahah! … back in the day, I was hand mixing colours for the Western Desert and my homebrewed DAK desert sand dried much too pink, then Chris Ager told me that “red ones go faster” so the colour stuck 🙂


  3. I was hoping it had nothing to do with Orc speed lol, oh well. I’ve had more than my share of mixed paint botch ups, one of the best reasons for primarily doing Sci-Fi (somewhere that cammo will work!)


  4. I’m afraid that with Chris Ager, that was inevitable, and I’ve always had a fondness for the ramshackle little green chaps. Anyone who takes on an ’80s power-armoured, flare and shoulder-pad-wearing disco dancer, with a pointy stick, earns my grudging respect.

    Regards, Chris


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