Western Desert Air Orbats – Regia Aeronautica

The Orbats that follow are all derived from Richard Townshend Bickers’ 1991 account of the air war in the Western Desert, modified by information from John Ellis’ WW2 Databook, Bill Gunson and Nierhorster’s online orbats. Although Bickers’ book is unsatisfactory in many respects for an operational gamer, being deeply partisan and sounding jingoistic to contemporary ears, it covers a neglected subject and has a useful series of orbats in the rear. He can be forgiven for having been a serving RAF officer and reflecting views that were widely shared in the RAF at the time. (Bold numbers in brackets are the NQM strength point equivalents for a campaign on a 1:30 ratio).

Regia Aeronautica – Libya 1940

Eastern Sector – HQ TOBRUK


10th Army – 73rd Gruppo Army Cooperation (127,137 Squadriglia @ 15 Recce) –  1 RO37 (s3) Lince

14th Stormo

Bombardment Gruppo 44 (6,7 Sqa @ 5 bombers) – 1 S79 (s1) Sparviero

Bombardment Gruppo 45 (2,22 Sqa @ 5 bombers) – 1 S81 (s1) Pipistrelli


10th Stormo

Bombardment Gruppo 30 (55,56,57,58 Sqa @ 5 bombers) –  1 S79 (s2)


Autonomous Gruppo 10 (84,90,91 Sqa @ 15 fighter bombers) CR42 (s5) Falco

Western Sector – HQ TRIPOLI

5th Army – 64th Gruppo Army Cooperation  (122,136 Squadriglia @ 15 fighters)1 RO37 (S3)

2nd Stormo

Gruppo 8 (92,93,94 Squadriglia @ 15 fighters)1 CR32 (S5)

Gruppo 13 (77,78,82 Squadriglia @ 15 fighters)1 CR42 (S5)


33rd Stormo

Bombardment Gruppo 35 and 36 (43,44,45,46 Squadriglia @ 5 bombers)1 S79 (S2)


15th Stormo

Bombardment Gruppo 46 and 47 (20,21,53,54 Squadriglia @ 5 bombers) –  1 S79 (s2)


50th Stormo

Gruppo 12 and 16 (159,160,167,168,169 Squadriglia @ 5 recce)1 CA310 (S3) Caproni


26th Army Corps – (120 Squadriglia Army Cooperation) – 1 RO37 (s1)


Townshend Bickers R. (1991) The Desert Air War 1939-1945. London: Leo Cooper.


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3 responses to “Western Desert Air Orbats – Regia Aeronautica

  1. A very informative post Chris. Oh for a Ca310 in 1/144 scale…..


  2. Excellent Andreas. Thanks for the heads up.


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