Western Desert Air Orbats – Desert Air Force

Bickers’ (1991) pulls a common pre-internet trick of historians in giving the orbat for the Desert Air Force (DAF) that does not mesh with the date of June 1940 for their antagonists, the Regia Aeronautica. For this orbat, one has to do some judicious trawling of the net. Wickipedia came up with a surprising amount of information, the structure of which is quoted directly below. Nierhorster was useful as always. The numbers below are for a 1:30 ratio campaign, but it would probably be more sensible to use a 1 sqn = 1 aircraft model for the early operations, about a 1:10 or 1:12 ratio. If you do that, then each strength point is represented by a model that is destroyed on its second hit if it has not already sensibly flown off on its first.

Desert Airforce June 1940

Air Commadore Collinshaw




33 Squadron RAF  80 Squadron RAF  112 Squadron RAF   – 1Gladiator (s3)

 208 Squadron RAF – 1 Lysander (s1)

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