V Squadra Aerea (Italian 5th Air Fleet)

When compiling orders of battle for NQM, my first step is to collate sources (often unreferenced) by comparing them to referenced works for anomalies. My first stop is usually Nierhorster.

Where two units only appear to have one model between then, look at the strength points. You can split them down to individual strength points to fly more sorties at once, but your units will be more brittle and fewer will fly home. (remember that a model that is overloaded with hits is destroyed)

V Squadra Aerea (Italian 5th Air Fleet)

  • Battaglione Paracadutisti Libici Fanti dell’Aria (15/01/1940  DERNA defending El FTEIAH airport) – Comd (s3), 1 SM.75 (s1). 1 SM.81 (s2)
    • 1 st Battaglione Paracadutsiti Libici “Fanti dell’Aria”Comd (s3), 4 Rifles (s3), MMG (s3), Mor (s3)
    • Battaglione Paracadutsiti National LibiciComd (s3), 4 Rifles (s3), MMG (s3), Mor (s3)
  • Group “Pancano”:
    • ?? Second Platoon of Border Guard against tank (4 pieces of 47/32)*
    • 14 th Battery controcarri and light anti-aircraft (12 pieces 20/65) – 20/65AA (s1)
    • elements, 60 th Bersaglieri motorcycle company – MC sidear MMG (s3)
    • Platoon training, The Battalion, 4th Medium Tank Regiment (4 tanks M11/39)*
    (*the small elements ignored by NQM are included for interest)
    • Group II, 10 th Artillery Regiment “Volturno” (8 pieces of 75/27) – 75/27 (s1)

Available at :  (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fanti_dell’aria)

  • Battaglione Paracadutisti Folgore (This became a division later) – Comd (s3), 4 Rifles (s3), MMG (s3), Mor (s3)

Comando Aeronautica del Libya (until 15 July 1940)

Libya Air Command – Settore Est BENGAZI/TOBRUK (  after 15 July 1940)

(quoted  from http://comandosupremo.com/regiaaeronautica.html/3 with additions)

  • 2nd Sahara Recon Squadriglia (EL ADEM) – Ca.309 (s1) Ghibli
  • 127th and 137th Recon Flights (EL ADEM) – Ro.37bis (s2) Lince

  • 13th Bomber Division “PEGASO” (BENGHAZI)
    • 14th Stormo (Bomber Wing)
      • Bombardment Gruppo 44 (6,7 Sqa @ 5 bombers) – 1 SM.79 (s1) Sparviero (Some sources cite SM.81s for this Gruppo reflecting that about 30 a/c of both types were spread between the two squadrons)

        • Bombardment Gruppo 45 (2,22 Sqa @ 5 bombers) – 1 SM.81 (s2) Pipistrelli

  • 10th Stormo
    • 30th and 32nd Bombardment Gruppos (BENINA) – 1 SM.79 (s3)
  • 14th Fighter Brigade “REX”  (TOBRUK)
    • 8th and 10th Squadriglia (@ 25-30 fighters)(TOBRUK) – 1 CR.32 (s3), 1 CR.42 (s3) Falco

Libya Air Command – Settore Ovest TRIPOLI (after 15 July 1940)

  • 1st Sahara Recon Squadron (EL ADEM) – Ca.309 (s3) Ghibli
  • 26th Independent Recon Squadron (HON)- Ca.309 (s3) Ghibli
  • 122nd and 136th Recon Flight (MELLAHA/TRIPOLI) – Ro.37bis (s2) Lince
  • 15th Stormo:
    • 46th and 47th Bombardment Gruppos (TARHUNA) – 1 SM.79 (s3), 1 SM.81 (s1)
  • 33rd Stormo:
    • 35th and 37th Bombardment Gruppos (BIR BHERA) – 1 SM.79 (s3)
  • 50th Ground Attack Stormo:
    • 12th Ground Attack Squadron (SORMAN) – Ba.65 (s1)
    • 16th Ground Attack Squadron (SORMAN)  – Ca.310bis (s2)
  • 2nd Fighter Stormo:
    • 13th Fighter Squadron (CASTEL BENITO) – Cr.42 (s3)Falco

    1st Sahara Recon Squadron (MELLAHA) – Ca.309 (s1) Ghibli

XIX.Deutsch-Italienische Panzerarmee/Armata Corazzata Italo-Tedesca (Flak Div.) Kommando

(Flak Div 19 – see http://www.ww2.dk/ground/flak/19fladiv.htm and http://www.feldgrau.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=13015)

Comd Car (s3), 1 88L56 FlaK 18 (s1) and Sdkfz7 Limber (s1), 1  20L113 FlaK 38 (s3) and Sdkfz10 or Horch Limber* (s3)

  • Flak Regiment 135: as above

*A note on self propelled (SP) artillery pieces in general. They should also have an ammunition  limber, which may be a separate truck or trailer, which gives them the same profile as a towed gun and limber.


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