Luftflotte 2 (MittelMeer-Afrika)(Nov 1941- Jan 1942)

My rather generic 1/144 Luftwaffe models don’t yet give the feel of the Mediterranean theatre, so here is a quick look at what needs to be done to rectify the situation, with my current cheerfully impressionistic (aka unfinished) air fleet, and some rather better paint jobs from folk who have done the work and research. What is clear from even a cursory search of the web, is that many aircraft fought initially in their North European camouflage, being overpainted as they moved their operating airfields to North Africa. Many of the Stukas and transport aircraft remained dark green, with a white theatre band as the only concession to their new home. I should stress that I’m not trying to get scale accuracy, just something that reflects the look of the Gruppen. Update Dec 2012 : The models are coming along but not quite there yet. I’ve updated the pictures.

GELA (Sicily) – JG 26/271 Bf 109E (4)

Die-cast Bf109 copyright the Author

When they first arrived from Sicily, the 109s from JG 26/27 were in a grey scheme as shown on the forum below, so I have some painting to do.

Copyright Wayne Little – posted on

CATANIA (Sicily) – LG11 Ju 88A (2), 1 Ju 88D (2)


My Ju 88s (above) still need some work to get LG 1 into the air (as seen below)  Original copyright Clavework Graphics

The scheme above is North European, but clearly in the Mediterranean theatre as the white band on the fuselage shows. The scheme below is more recognisably North African. Original copyright Michel Martraix

(North Afrika) – StG 2 –  2 Ju 87B (2)


Hubert Pölz’s famous Stuka nose art  in StG 2 from (top) and my 1/144 Dyna-Flite diecast version (above).

 A later StG 2 Stuka at Alamein from

TRAPANI (Sicily) – Stg 1 2 Ju 87R (2)

This useful page gives a large number of schemes  including those above: Copyright Nowi scans 1999 Weal


This diecast Ju 87 is rough-and-ready, as is the painting, but it is starting to look the part. Copyright the Author

COMISO (Sicily) – KG262 He 111H-3 (2)


I had a bit of bother finding sources for Kg26 on the web, so these He 111s are still a work in progress. Copyright the Author (above)

11may1216320_stg3screeny (1)1024


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