1st Free French Brigade Group at BIR HAKIEM

Converted Peter Pigs from Phil Steele’s collection. Copyright Phil Steele.

Crucial to any GAZALA Battle is the contribution of General Koenig’s Free French Brigade (1FF) at BIR HAKIEM. Fortunately, I don’t have to model them as Phil Steel has already made an excellent job of it in 15mm, allbeit he painted them originally as Vichy French. 1FF seemed to be plentifully supplied with 75mm artillery of one sort or another, which I have amalgamated into the 1st Flying Column portee.

Bright Blue Items are not modelled in NQM CSO Orbats

1st Free French Brigade (1FF) (Gen Koenig) – 1 Command Jeep (C3), 1 Signals Vehicle (L3)

1st Free French Tank Coy1 Crusader I,II OR III (F2) (But I own a Char 2C, so see my stand-in on the blog wallpaper!)

1st Free French Flying Column1 Automitrailleuse Dodge ‘Tanake'(F2),

Dodge tanake1 portee 75mm M1897 or ‘Conus gun’ SPG (S3)

conus guncropped-allons-enfants-de-la-patrie.jpeg

1st Fusiliers MarineComd (C1), 3/1 Rifle Bases (F3), Hotchkiss MMG, 81mm Mortar, Boyes ATkRifle (S3)

2nd Bn French Foreign LegionAs 1FM above.

3rd Bn Infanterie Marine PacifiqueAs 1FM above.

1st Moroccan SpahisAs 1FM above.

Engineer1/3 Engineer Bases (E1)

Anti-tank1 Fordson WOt2 25mm CLA portee (S3)

Anti-aircraft1 25 mm CA mle 39 towed/portee (S2)

Logistic1 Ammo Truck (L3), 1 Workshop Truck (L3), 1 Fuel Tanker (L3), 1 Ambulance (L3)

Later on, at ALAMEIN :

Free French by YesthatPhil

Free French by YesthatPhil

1st Free French Division : (Gen Koenig)
– Compagnie de QG51 : Lt Muracciole
– 2e Bataillon de la Légion Etrangère : Cl Amilakvary
– 1e Bataillon d’Infanterie de Marine et du Pacifique : Cdt Bouillon
– 22e Compagnie Nord Africaine : Cpt Lequesne
– 1e Regiment d’Artillerie : Cdt Laurent-Champrosay
– 1e Bataillon de Fusilliers- Marins (A.A.) : CC Amyot d’Inville
– Compagnie Anti-Chars (A.T.) : Cpt Jacquin
– 1e Compagnie de Sapeurs-Mineurs : Cpt Desmaisons
– 1e Compagnie Transmissions : Cpt Renard
– 101e Compagnie Auto (transport) : Cpt Dulau
– Atelier Lourd de Réparations Auto n°1 : Cpt Bell
– Intendance : Int Bouton
– Groupe d’exploitation n°1 : Lt Foussat
– Groupe Sanitaire Divisionnaire n°1 : Med-Cdt Vignes
– Ambulance Chirurgicale Légère : Med-Cdt Durbach
– Hôpital de Campagne Hadfied-Spears : Med Ch Vernier


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