Not Quite Two-Star

Inspired by Phil Steele’s Zis-5 (BZ)  Tanker  conversion, I did some enthusiastic rummaging around in my bits boxes (Suzanne calls it “the garage”) to drum up enough wheels for 3 trucks. These tankers will fill some of the holes in divisional orbats. The thought and planning phase has occupied two months, but all three models were built in an afternoon.

The models are deliberately “Not Quite” anything so that they can stand in for whoever happens to need tankers. My fleet now stands at five, but I think that I will probably need around a dozen eventually. The Zvezda The Zis-5 And Junior General Truck Chit were kept handy to prevent scale creep, which can happen all too easily. As I was building, a pernicious thought crept into my head;

“That train boiler looks a bit like a tanker body”. Hmmm.

Unlike Phil, I went for the “as cluttered as I can get” look to draw attention away from the fact that these scratchbuilds are essentially the parents of scrapwood, paper and cake decoration wheels with a bit of plastic girder thrown in. The advantage of using paper for the mudguards is that they are close to scale thin-ness, (not that I actually care, given the liberties that I have taken everywhere else!)

Pictures of the painted tankers to follow.



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6 responses to “Not Quite Two-Star

  1. Very ingenious- good skills, bet they’ll look great after a coat of paint.




  2. Trebian

    How annoying that they look better than the actual kits I buy!



  3. yesthatphil



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