Consistency and Tidyness

Always a dangerous thing, blogging late in the evening after good company and congeniality. The bones of thought beneath the thin veneer of civilisation  are showing through, and typing is coming directly from the hind brain. I just know that I’m going to regret this in the morning :O)

Surgical Joke: “When should you stop debriding? when you’re lost!

As relaxation, I was lurking through Olicanalad’s Western Desert Stuff and Bob Cordery’s Wargaming Miscellany. What they both have in common is consistency and attention to detail. When you look at one of these blogs, you see perfectly crafted art and a stage set that tells you that you are entering  a performance, within which the  author has gone to great trouble to set the stage to give you a smooth ride through the chaos that is war. Inconsistencies and disputed calls are arbitrated. Unlikely events are quantified. A narrative is imposed on disorder and war is tamed to become a fit subject for a social evening amongst friends. I enjoy both of these blogs enough to have included them in my blogroll and have always envied folk with organised wargames drawers.

My own blog is largely deficient of consistency, order or tidyness. Why is this? It is not due to a belief that Bob or Olicanalad are somehow lacking in the wargaming art. On the contrary, they are both excellent examples of chaps who are good at what they do and I admire their skill; so I have to own up to following my own experience of war as a confusing , sleep deprived, chaotic process, in which the commander who can keep going for the longest when his enemy believes the battle lost, emerges as the victor. War is not fair, does not follow neat rules, and is won by sociopathic, unpleasant alpha males that you would not care to invite to a social gaming event. I relish the improvised nature of conflict.

Here is an unrelated image of Monty looking grand and pleased with himself. It could equally have been Rommel.

Rant over. Going to bed now . Normal service will resume in a week or so. This tirade was precipitated by a friend who is a (self confessed) obsessive World of Tanks player and who has an excellent* cellar of French reds .

* but Not Quite as good as Phil’s



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2 responses to “Consistency and Tidyness

  1. Bob Cordery


    A very interesting blog entry … and not just because I get a mention!

    Thinking about it, I began blogging when my paid work was reaching a stage where it was confusing (the parameters set for the subjects I was teaching kept changing on a very regular basis, including mid-course) and chaotic (constant re-organisation and ‘new’ bosses who wanted things done ‘their’ way … which was completely different from the way their predecessor had wanted it done) … and I was losing lots of sleep trying to cope. My blog became one thing over which I felt that I had some control, and I suspect that it is the way it is because of that desire to have a small oasis is stability in a world of instability.

    Since I retired it has continued to perform that function, only this time it is my escape pod from dealing with the ‘reality’ of my father’s decline into dementia and ill health.

    Thanks for making me think about the way I blog. I suspect that it has become too embedded to change now … but a bit of chaos every now and then might not be a bad thing!

    All the best,



    • That particular thought has been rattling around in the recesses of what passes for my brain’s ‘spares box’ for some years now, Bob. Glad that it struck a chord.

      Regards, Chris


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