Trains to Tankers

The cake decoration train sat on my workbench for a week as I scratched around for a ‘look’ to disguise its origin. At first it looked a bit like a Radschlepper Ost as the wheels that I found were proportionately oversized for the body. No RSOs ever made it out to the Western Desert though.

Radschlepper Ost copyright

But a bit more rummaging located some 1/72 Airfix 88mm trailer mudguards, which have proved useful before for wooden trucks, so the final product looked more Italian than German. 30 Corps will probably end up using it as a captured tanker anyway.

The end result is closer to the Camioneta Fiat Modello 42, without being in any way an accurate likeness. It’s the sort of thing that the Fiat designers might have come up with if they only had an old cake decoration to start with!

Camioneta Fiat Modello 42 uncredited on the Axis History Forum

Undercoat on the Fiat Torta Decorazione Treno Carburante Petroliera (snappy name, no? ).

A few coats of paint are what’s needed now. I should keep it simple, but the scheme on the Camioneta above looks rather alluring! It’s funny how the unpainted patches that the eye misses always leap out in photos.

Commonsense prevails. Simple desert scheme it is! the three tanker types in the fleet to date.



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2 responses to “Trains to Tankers

  1. redleg58

    I love your stand in scratch builds….)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. More fun than doing it properly :O)


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