Axis Airstrips in the Mediterranean – Castel Vetrano

CASTEL VETRANO airfield on Sicily was a pretty simple affair. A single runway with aircraft parked alongside make it an easy strip to represent with a piece of flat card, and is presumably typical of a hastily built airstrip. Here is a picture copyrighted to the Imperial War Museum as picture C 4183  “showing Junkers Ju 52 and Savoia Marchetti SM 82 transport aircraft, January 1942.” :

I can count about 68 aircraft parked around the perimeter, give or take a couple, so that’s two NQM aircraft models on the table. Here is CASTEL VETRANO in the mid-afternoon sun:

tankers 007

Zvezda Ju-52, scratchbuilt tanker, air traffic control van is an Austrian wooden children’s toy, two ground crew stands and a Liberator converted into a Z.1007bis Alcione


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