Blog Awards and more Tanks

A new blog award is doing the rounds. I hate them. You nominate one friend but forget another, so it’s brave faces on top but always trembly lower lips underneath. So I thought that I would explain why I like the blogs that I follow instead:

A Few Rounds More : Not many people concern themselves with 20th century Far Eastern Wargaming, so this blog is a rare treasure.

The Crusader Project : Andreas really knows his stuff and has brought it together in a considered fashion from the Axis side.

A Wargaming Miscellany : Bob’s period of history is the late 19th century, especially naval, and the Spanish Civil War. Again, he knows what he is talking about. Bob organises the Wargames Development annual conference with Tim Gow.

Brazos Evil Empire : Every time that you think you have a handle on Don, he vectors off at a tangent. I never know what he’s going to do next, but I want to be there when he does it.

Vintage Wargaming : Classic wargaming. I’m in it for the nostalgia.

Megablitz and More : Tim is the other half of the Wargames Development team that organise the conference every year. His blog demonstrates that he may be on the way to overtaking Peter Shulman as the General Jumbo of the wargames world.

Whoever dies with the most toys wins.


P.B. Eye-candy : Phil’s training as an art historian shows in his approach to wargaming. History is to the fore, and his models are little jewels. His trademark is the exquisite fully-painted figure with the odd unpainted head-swap to prove that he is human!

Wargaming 4 Grown-ups : Another graduate historian, Graham’s stuff is well thought out and original, with fully painted armies. Just as mine will be some day ….

Olicanalad’s Games :  Superb modelling, finished paint jobs, excellent terrain and a dedicated wargames room. I’m not given to envy, but visit the link and weep :O)

… and that’s just nine, not including the reference blogs. I should get around to listing all the other blogs that I follow on the blogroll. Next week perhaps? In the meantime, I’ve been adding to the DAK tank park.

The grey PzIIIg on the far left is a Zvezda. Except for those wretched split tracks, the Plastic Soldier Company offerings are superior in detail. I made a PzIIIf, IIIg and the rest as IIIhs for the Western Desert. This completes the tank park for 21 and 15 Panzer division. The PzIV is an old Roco, originally in Graham Hockley’s collection. The remaining tanks with green flock bases are metal Piggies, and standardising base sizes is making the collection hang together better. You can blame Olicana Lad for that! I just don’t have the storage space for the base sizes that he uses, but visually, they are excellent.



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6 responses to “Blog Awards and more Tanks

  1. Mike

    I fully agree with you, I hate nominating for awards and not even a big fan of awards. I dont see that wargamers have to become the entertainment industry where they give out all those awards for this and that, there seems to be TV special every month or so.


  2. I’m also in general agreement on the award thing, they seem rather disingenuous to me, and thanks for the compliment, I’d never heard my form of insanity spoken of quite so nicely…)


  3. I don’t really see the value in awards either (probably because I have never won one). Many thanks for the compliments, I appreciate that far more.

    All the best



  4. Thanks for the solidarity chaps. I’ve since found that Tim Gow has nominated me, so I’m rather embarassed about that, and feel bad about not nominating him back. You see the social pressure that these awards bring? I’m off to wave some paint vaguely at more figures.


  5. yesthatphil

    I liked General Jumbo (reminds me of a previous incarnation 🙂 )


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