Quick and Dirty Balkenkreuze*

My stock of transfers has diminished over the years, so rather than wait for the post to deliver, I pulled out the paintbrush to slap on some quick and dirty Balkenkreuze. for Luftflotte 2. No-one seems to provide transfers of Hakenkreuze for tailfins any more since it became illegal in France (and Germany) to wander about in brown shirts with silly moustaches and armbands, so they had to be painted on too (the Hakenkreuze, not the silly moustaches).

Balkankreuze1All 3 stages of painting can be seen above. The ‘Ginga Francis’ markings are to remind me what the Ju 88s stand in as in the Imperial Japanese Airforce

Stage 1: After my previous comments about white paint, I used a Pentel Micro Correct to lay the white background down.

Stage 2: A black central cross followed by the black outer border to the white is blocked out, not worrying about how long the arms are.

Stage 3: The ragged ends to the crosses are painted across by a band of background blue or grey. Sometimes I use a craft knife to scrape a straight line to prevent an excess of thick paint at the end of the cross.

The final effect would look good when applied by a steady hand and eye. Sadly, I have neither, but the effect is not too shabby at battle distances.


Luftflotte 2 drones overhead against the background of a stormy sky (if you half close your eyes!)

*Duty spellchecker Ludger Fischer (Thanks Ludger!)



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3 responses to “Quick and Dirty Balkenkreuze*

  1. Ludger

    Swastikas are illegal over here in Germany as well.
    (Even a game cover showing it being torn apart by the Allies run into trouble a few years ago…)

    BTW it is Balkenkreuz -not Balkankreuz.


    (Following this blog for some time now – and enjoying it.)


    • Thanks for the correction Ludger. Good to hear from you, and duly corrected on the post. I did spend some time wondering if I should edit out swastikas, but decided not to in the end, as this is principally an attempt to be a historical blog. The decision in France and Germany makes complete sense politically.

      Kind regards, Chris


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