More Festive Oddness – Things I like about Other Nations

Suzanne opened the Blog yesterday, came across “Manly Men in Desert Shorts” and professed herself quite taken by it. Continuing in the Festive off-topic Spirit, I give you things I like about … (feel free to add your own nations as an andidote to all these “ten Best” polls that are going around). It shows how far things have come since WWII.



Dolly probably owns the copyright to this one!

Unembarrassable (see above), Generous to a fault (prepared to offer us an Aircraft carrier in ’82) and good at Moon missions. Currently world’s Top Nation :

“Don’t run Sir, it worries the men!”


They spend more time thinking about Beer chocolate and cakes than their Army or Navy. Any nation that could produce Tin Tin is fine by me.



I love their robust approach to health and safety, and also the idea that their treasure fleets in the 13th to 15th centuries did not set out to conquor, but to explore and trade. They used to be the world’s Top Nation and may be again:


We used to tit about on ladders when we were the world’s Top Nation. Now we devise safety posters to prevent it happening!



They are mostly mad, paid off their war reparations in full, produced Tove Jannsen and Poets of the Fall. You can wear a bowler hat and feather boa if you are hard enough, no-one will laugh at you. World’s most phlegmatic nation.


German stuff does what it says on the tin, but they rarely put their beer in tins, preferring it fresh, local and on tap – Prost!. I love Oktoberfeste,  family Gastttaette that are still there 30 years after you last visited them, and knowing that if a restaurant looks good, the food will still be good. We will pass swiftly over the German’s attempt to be the world’s Top Nation: Epic Fail!


Gotta love pasta, those uniforms, family meals and their sculpture (Suzanne reminds me; cheeky girl!) What did the Romans ever do for us when they were the world’s Top Nation?



Polite and cultured, the Japanese still managed to produce cringeworthy excesses of bad taste and hilariously funny Youtube moments:


Tyey discovered the New World again after the Vikings and the Chinese lost it. Invented Madeira (wine), Port and caramel cakes!


Russians know a thing or two about trucks, river crossings, spaceships and Vodka. They are almost, but not quite as mad as the Finns, and they still think that they are the world’s top Nation.

“…not so impressive, is driven by my daughter! or:

titting about in trucks”

Aussies, Austrians, Brits, Bulgarians, Czechs, French, Hungarians, Kiwis and Poles are all up for grabs. You are not allowed to do your own nation, and the Americans and French are not allowed to do each other 🙂

Happy New Year!



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4 responses to “More Festive Oddness – Things I like about Other Nations

  1. The Middle East…All Of It! Thing I like most, I no longer have to go there!


  2. yesthatphil

    > … and the Americans and French are not allowed to do each other

    Nobody does ‘bad additude’ quite as well as the French (one of the top French commentators even said that Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France was ‘a bad day for the cycling’) … but they do it with such a complete lack of self-knowledge that it just skips by as ‘aloof’ gallic charm!


  3. So, Aloof Gallic Charm it is then, and the ability to drink simultaneously copious quantities of pastis without extinguishing the Gauloise in the corner of the mouth (or catching fire), and knowing that cooking anything in Armagnac improves its flavour, and, and …. 🙂


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