Feast of Epiphany – Yes Those Trucks

tankers 022

The festive season was rounded off in style with a duck dinner. Yes That Phil came round with a very decent bottle of Chateaux Margaux ’86, to show off his Pound Shop treasures, and he had a few spare. As it happened, I had a spare Matador to offer in return, so over Port and cheese, when it became permissible to talk wargaming, we sat and happily pushed the trucks around the tabletop as Phil outlined his 2013 plans for Megablitz Squared. Suzanne wandered off at this point to read her new book about the Dunkirk evacuation – Military Truckfests are not her thing.

treasure fleet

Here is the treasure fleet!

Leyland retriever WIP4

Sporting a new quiff and nose bar, the Leyland Retriever continues to take shape.

Leyland retriever WIP5

Bar a few coats of paint, the  Retriever is just about finished now, Cheers Arthur!

Leyland retriever WIP6Retrieving an SPA Dovunque 35 (for scale comparison). Yes it is a big truck!



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4 responses to “Feast of Epiphany – Yes Those Trucks

  1. The milieu is palpable, which is blah for simply splendid!



  2. Errr … Thank you for the kind words, Arthur. In my job, if something is palpable, it usually means that you have just prodded it and someone has said ouch! 🙂


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