Mimi Finds his Trousers – Work in Progress

Suzanne has been wondering how Mimi has been coming on.

Here he is …


… and again after a cursory paint job. I don’t think the whole Legion will parade in buff order for battle, but it was fun doing a couple of stands this way. “Andiamo ragazzi!


I think that in future, a few Peter Pig headswops will be the way forward, now that he has an excellent Fascist Fez head (Range 6 – 94), even down to the jaunty angle of the fez and  a curly fringe sticking out at the front!



Filed under Infantry, Italian Army, Italian Army, Modelling, Western Desert, WWII

2 responses to “Mimi Finds his Trousers – Work in Progress

  1. Vip

    They do look rather good, though I reckon a wash of Army Painter or something similar will spruce things up a bit. Wonderful conversions!


    • Thanks for the kind words; some nut brown ink to give a bit of a tan should do the trick. That will probably go on after the base material.

      Regards, Chris


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