15th and 21st Panzer Divisions Muster


Now that the Plastic soldier Company additions to the DAK have been assembled, a small parade is in order. Work remains to be done, but the divisions could drive out into the desert tomorrow if required. The look that I went with was of mud, or hastily applied dark desert tan, over the original panzer grey. I was struck by the way that  grey showed through in contemporary photographs on the top edges of vehicles where crew had hung on for support, or scuffed the wearing edges climbing into the vehicle, as seen on these examples above.


The grass bases look incongruous and will need fixing somehow. I will probably just replace them with new and reuse the originals somewhere else. 15th Panzer is on the left, and 21st on the right above.



Seen in with the other armour, particularly the PzII, the 1/87 Roco Pz IV looks overscale, but it will do until a suitable replacement arrives. The panzer grenadiers have not been added yet. It looks as if the Germans have overrun an airfield and captured a Dodge fuel bowser!


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