15th Panzer Division

Usually, I don’t add national insignia or serials to models, but for the Western Desert campaign I have been doing so as the toys look a bit plain without, and because the numbers of AFVs are so low. Of course, because of the operational scale, platoon markings are a bit superfluous. Happily, 15th Panzer Division only put company numbers on its tanks, so mine are numbered 1-5; a bit of a no-brainer really:


The Divisional HQ is using an SdKfz 251/10 platoon command vehicle, which is standing in as an SdKfz/3 radio vehicle. GeneralMajor Neuman-Silkow is in a car for comfort, but could be in a ‘251 or ‘250. If he is lucky enough to get a bit of armour later, he will probably pass his car on to someone else!


The Divisional Anti-tank Battalion has a Marder III SdKfz 138 and Recce elements represented by an SdKfz 222, which will doubtless soon be off to another division, or corps recce.


The Divisional Engineer Battalion has teamed up with an ersatz ROCO 1/87  model representing the the Divisional FlaK Kompanie for this shot. It will be back off to grassier climes soon!


8th Panzer Regiment is equipped with Pz IIIh s.


115th Infantry Regimental HQ  is followed by the armoured battalion and motorised battalion. They would really like a heavier car than a Kubelwagen to tow that 37mm.


Once painted, these PSC plastic late-war Germans should be a good match for my older Peter Pig Afrika Korps infantry.


The Flames of War resin Opel Blitz 3-tonners look a bit stubby next to the Zvezda models, but they still paint up nicely and have a certain raffish charm.


33rd Artillery Regiment is still borrowing limbers and command cars (a stand-in Kettenrad that is destined eventually for the  Ramke parachute brigade) until it can find an SdKfz 11 and perhaps a Saurer SdKfz 254.



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