Vorsprung Durch Plastik

The divisional workshop of 21st Panzer Division put this captured Dodge fuel bowser to immediate use, but threw their hands up in despair when they saw the hotwheels!


A little spanner work saw 4 shiny new tyres from a 1/87 Roco set replacing the, frankly alarming, originals. With a proper set of desert tyres, this will be a welcome addition to 21st Panzer. The divisional quartermaster has painted Balkenkreutze onto the cab doors before the Desert Air Force gets any ideas about claiming it back!


This intriguing photograph looks like a Faun ZR Tank tractor and trailer with three fuel tanks on the trailer (Update: Confirmed as a Hanomag SS-100 by YesthatPhil),  but other than that, I know nothing about it at all.


The  trailer appears to be this one above.  A Sonder Anhänger 116. Any ideas on unit anyone?



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5 responses to “Vorsprung Durch Plastik

  1. yesthatphil

    My guess? … Hanomag heavy tractor SS-100 (maybe towing V2 fuel …)



  2. Thanks Phil, it looks much more like the Hanomag SS-100 than the Faun ZR doesn’t it? Three things lead me to think it is not V2 fuel: The light caps of the sitting crew that suggest DAK, and the desert-y background. Could be Tunisia, Libya, Sicily or Italy? The Hanomag looks as if it is overpainted in Desert Tan to me but second-guessing colours on b/w photos has always been difficult.

    I’ve been puzzled from the start by the fuel tank on the back raised portion of the trailer. There does not look to be space enough on the Anhänger 116 unless platforms have been built to replace the rear steering station. There might be plenty of space on an airfield to make all-wheel steering less important than extra carrying capacity?

    It does look as if modification has taken place to the platform, but the spacing on the wheels in the photo still looks further apart than that of the model and other photos that I’ve seen. I’m positing a modified Anhänger 116 for the moment, but am open to better ideas or informed guesses?

    Regards, Chris


  3. Bob Cordery

    I think that the new wheels make the model tanker look a whole lot better … and it was good to start with.


  4. Awww – thanks Bob!


  5. Postscript: I thought that it looks more like an Sd. Ah. 115 as shown on Holger Erdman’s site shown on the sidebar, but the 115 only has one leading axle:

    “The Tiefladeanhänger für Panzerkampfwagen 10t (Sd. Ah. 115) – for the (transport) of armoured vehicles up to a weight of 10 tons. … towed by 9 (tonners such as the) Büssing-NAG and FAUN or … m. Zgkw. 8t Sd. Kfz. 7. The Sd. Ah. 115 was officially introduced in April 1938”


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