Patent Nonsense

So the Evil Empire wants to claim exclusive use of the phrase “Space Marine” do they? I think that it is a splendidly rapacious idea, and in the same vein will claim exclusive use of the words “Not“, “Quite“, “Mechanised” and “Mechanized“.

Gadget Show 022

This is what a proper Space Marine on his personal drop pod looks like

I shall be sending stern letters off to the world’s armies telling them to cease and desist the practice of referring to themselves as  “Mechanised” infantry. To show that I am not completely heartless, the phrase “Armoured Dragoons” has not yet been bagged, so I shall suggest that as a palatable alternative.

Some resistance from authors and bloggers over my claim to “Not” is inevitable, but am prepared to be generous. If you are using “Not” for non-profit then a simple disclaimer sentence at the bottom of the page along these lines will do:

Not” is being used without permission or endorsement of Chris Kemp and no claim or challenge to ownership is intended“.

This set me thinking, so I went carpetbagging for useful phrases preceded by “i-” and have now patented “i-trousers“. Wallace and Grommet should be good for a bob or two!



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3 responses to “Patent Nonsense

  1. Jim

    Unless they own the rights to the 1997 movies “Space Marines” they might have a problem with that. Phrase is also used in the 1987 movie “Aliens”.


  2. Brilliant, Jim! Good luck to them persuading France that they own “Imperial Guard” too 🙂


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