NQM is Moving to Blogger in March

This blog will be migrating across to Blogger (  http://notquitemechanised.blogspot.co.uk/ ) in March. Why?

1. To free up this blog from off-topic stuff to make orbat content easier to find.

2. To provide redundancy in case anything catastrophic happens to Blogger or WordPress

I shall leave this WordPress blog in place and develop the pages further, but posts will appear on Blogger only after March. Please do click onto the “follow” icon thingy to see your own splendid gravatar appear on the blogspot. Thanks for following.


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One response to “NQM is Moving to Blogger in March

  1. Chris,

    I made the move the other way around, but for similar reasons.

    In today’s world of hacking and system failures, it makes lots of sense to have built-in redundancy … and that goes for blogs as well as it does any other electronic system.

    All the best,



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