21st Panzer SdKfz

This Plastic Soldier Company SdKfz 251 from 104th Infantry Regiment has been given a canvas tilt. The requisite sag in the canvas was made by soaking the paper with paint, then winding copper wire around the body of the halftrack.


The drill bit used to make the holes for the canvas tilt can be seen in the top right of the picture  below. The pliers are not about to eat the halftrack, they are holding the wire in place!




Filed under 15mm Miniatures Wargames, Modelling, Wargames, Western Desert, WWII

3 responses to “21st Panzer SdKfz

  1. yesthatphil

    Definitely good things happening here, Chris … 🙂


  2. Thanks Phil. Can you bring your French and Generic Colonials if you are coming on Monday to Graham’s?


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