Ground Crew Markers Work in Progress

Read about ground crew markers on the Not Quite Mechanised Blogspot, and see where they fit into orbats of Air Squadrons here and here.

Italian ground crew



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2 responses to “Ground Crew Markers Work in Progress

  1. Dear Chris
    I’ve just been over at your Men in Hats page and enjoyed it greatly. Alas the picture of me in the straw hat has a misleading caption. I am not the wonderful and talented Paul Wright. I am in fact the wonderful and talented Alan Gruber. I wonder if you could change this in order to not confound the Padre’s legions of fans?
    many thanks


    • Dear Alan,

      Sorry about the confusion. It’s updated on both blogs now. Your version of Balbotti’s caravan has inspired me to make a few more Italian headquarters vehicles.

      Kind regards, Chris


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