M3 Honey Conversion – Losing the Fat Head

stuart8Photo copyright Phil Steele. Old Glory M3 with the PSC conversion

After letting the paint dry on my M3 and staring at it on the workbench, I came to the conclusion that the turret was too big, wide and just generally fat. Finding an old 20mm turret confirmed that it was also too chubby at the front. The deal breaker for me was that the turret angles were not sharp enough making “the look” unconvincing. I trimmed it and although it is still too long in the front (The commander’s hatch should cover the roof when open, just about), it looks about right now. I could have just measured it, but hey?

After trimming  the turret, the model was airlifted  round to Trebian’s Shedquarters, as  he has one tricked out for Burma (Skinner’s Horse?). Cripes, I thought, the whole thing is massive compared to the Old Glory offering! A quick impromptu meet of the Greek Philosopher’s scale debating club convened over tea and cake after the game, before Phil and I separately went off to count the camel’s teeth!


It turns out that the PSC is accurate, and that by skill or luck, my M3 is bang on the nail for height and width but short at the back. The OG model is undernourished, although it looks fine on it’s own. I love 1:100 as a scale. Even I can do the sums!

A quick paint to get it “table ready”, then it’s into the box to await a game or bulk weathering session. As ever, I fudged the Caunter scheme – My M3 doesn’t have sand shields, so I went with Tamiya Mid Blue on the turret roof, Olive Drab lightened and desaturated with Light Blue, and Desert yellow, all over a khaki undercoat. It’s not as garish as my first attempt with the Massive Moritz.



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5 responses to “M3 Honey Conversion – Losing the Fat Head

  1. At first thought the one on the right was an M-13. That’s how bad the model is…


  2. yesthatphil

    PSC crew figures (PSC figures generally) are tiny compared to most 15mm (Peter Pig included) so having a PSC commander in the top does make the turret look huge.

    The OG Stuart is probably more like 15mm than 1:100, but the commander is normal (hence you have a normal commander in a tiny tank vs a tiny commander in a pukka 1:100 tank – and doesn’t it look strange.) Scale anomalies riddle 28mm and others but generally you get fewer in 15mm … but you have certainly found one, Chris … 😉


  3. Dear Andreas and Phil,
    I think Phil’s points are fair and that the two crew members do accentuate the models the wrong way, so I can correct that with a Piggie tank commander. On it’s own, the OG Stuart passes muster and has a more accurate turret than my own unmeasured scalpel attack on a cork block. What lets the OG model down is the height, and again to be fair to OG, it may look better if the hull is chocked up more. In addition, although my own hull front has mashed the PSC kit it is correct for height. In turn, the OG front hull profile is more accurate.

    You are right though, Andreas to say that the comparison makes my M3 look like an M13 You’ve got me wondering if the hull will convert. 🙂 .
    I think that what I may have done is pull a 28mm con-trick by inadvertedly beefing up the Honey to make it look more impressive. I shall have to do the same to a Zvezda PzII next so that DAK don’t feel left out 🙂

    Regards, Chris.


  4. Does the OG model have a strangely angled hull. From the photographic evidence alone I’ll vote for your version.


    • That’s kind of you Tim, but apart from the OG hull being a little down on its tracks, it is actually a more accurate profile with a longer front glacis plate.
      I’ve carved the cast mantlet to its final profile now. Pic to follow as soon as it is painted.


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