M3 Honey Finished

The M3 Honey conversion has had the last few splashes of paint aimed at it. My photography skills do no favours to the details: Brigade flashes, Recognition flashes, graphite and rust on the tracks etc. In the end, the mantle was carved from the cork at the front of the turret. Here it is.

IMGP0050M3 Honey converted from PSC M5 Stuart. Photos copyright Chris Kemp



Filed under 15mm Miniatures Wargames, 8th Army - British and Commonwealth, Land Battles, Modelling, Tanks, Western Desert, WWII

8 responses to “M3 Honey Finished

  1. yesthatphil

    Looks good.

    By the way … for now (5th Dec.) it is snowing on your blog 🙂 I was slightly surprised as the flakes drifted across the desert!


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  2. Mike

    Nice job! I like the snow effect but I was confused if it was Russia or North Africa for a minute.

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  3. Definitely North Africa Mike, somewhere near the Escarpment 🙂
    The snow is a WordPress special!

    Regards, Chris


  4. Al

    nice model

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