Christmas Fayre

Christmas Greetings to anyone reading this Blog. As a break from Olive, Grey, Sand and Khaki Paint, I finally put some layers onto this smashing little Peter Pig Dragoon Officer from his AWI range. This is more of a test piece to use as a personal figure in other folk’s games than the start of a new project.


To add to the obligatory seasonal absence of good taste or any form of considered reflection, here is my list of 5 things that amused me in 2013 :

1. Russell Brand has never voted : I raise my glass in salute to you Russell. You have single-handedly raised the IQ of the voting public and made my vote go a bit further.

2. World’s Worst Display of Strategic Genius :  Let’s invade Russia! What were you thinking of Napoleon and Hitler? You should have listened to Eddy Izzard. (warning – offensive language)

3. Currently fashionable cliche :  “I think you’ll find …” I love people who believe this. I can’t even find my (admittedly black) socks in the dark.


4. Steampunk : There is a reason that steam powered armoured airships can’t fly … do the maths 🙂

5. Simeon’s Cat :  Aw c’mon chaps, it’s Christmas … and iz teh interwebz… and it’s a cat



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2 responses to “Christmas Fayre

  1. yesthatphil

    Fine figure, Chris – but a bit too subtle for today’s wargamer … you need some black undercoat showing through or a dollop of tinted varnish to sex it up a bit.
    I’m thinking about some 42mm Irregular Miniatures for 2014 … sort of shuffle the pack up a bit …


  2. Sounds good Phil,

    I may yet ink it before varnishing and am thinking of calling him Captain MacDuff in honour of a certain well-known wargamer 🙂

    Regards. Chris.


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