I Have Seen the Future …

… and it is multi-turreted, with an unfeasably long narrow track base for crossing trenches.


The T-35 was not the most successful Soviet design ever, but they looked superb  on parade following a painted white line, had difficulty with rough terrain such as lawns, and would throw a track in preference to turning a corner. Wikipedia quotes a 90% loss rate to non-battle causes, but I’m sure that is just vile Capitalist propaganda. Here is a T-35 managing to keep up with ski troops in a straight line!

Some 61 were built* which means that my purchase of two Zvezda models gives me the entire Soviet tank fleet at 1:30. For the record, this makes me a historical gamer, not an armour-crazed meglomaniac like Tim Gow, or Don Maddox 🙂 If you want to paddle up Insanity Creek, then you need to go here, or here.


This multi-turreted type of beast proved wanting in combat, and the more mobile single-turreted tank designs with a good balance of mobility, protection and firepower soon superseded it, to the dismay of  arms manufacturers, tank-fanciers and military modellers everywhere. These  two T-35s will live in my Naval Infantry Division box, for no better reason than that there is space, and they look like a pair of battleships!




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12 responses to “I Have Seen the Future …

  1. Mike

    OK, OK, so it was mechanically unreliable, slow, poorly armored, and had a bad combat performance due to 90% losses to breakdowns, let’s not nitpick this fine Soviet land battleship….


  2. That’s the spirit, Mike 🙂


  3. Who cares whether it was practical or capable. Multiturret. That means it had more than one turret. I.e. the number of turrets >1. It exceeded one. Who frankly cares about anything else?


    • It works for me Andreas 🙂 … now I just have to work out how to bring them into the campaign in 1942. Perhaps they were stored away and forgotton in a shed in Leningrad?


      • You could pretend they had them placed on a monument to the glory of the Red Army of Workers and Peasants, and some enterprising workers and peasants manned them and rolled them straight into battle. For the Rodina! With multiturrets! Urrrrrraaaa!


  4. Did I mention it was multi-turreted?


  5. Sturat

    It’s just an Ogre Mk. 0…


  6. Reading your link:

    “Therefor I propose a goverment run by multi turret tanks”

    He da man.


  7. Mike

    One thing I am not quite clear on – so does this tank have more than one turret?????? 🙂


  8. Arthur

    One of them ended the war in Norway, if I recall correctly. A dim distant fact but at least the vehicle was well travelled. I am not sure if that Skaggerad (perhaps another memory issue here) water way thing between Denmark and Norway counts as a trench, though… scale issues possibly?


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