Winter Offensive 1942 – Kharkov 2

… This was not shaping up to be a good month to be Hungarian. Astute readers will have noticed the lack of snow on the ground – revealing these photographs as crude Soviet propaganda re-enacted after the event, probably in summer 1943!

Kharkov_07Götterdämmerung, complete with doom laden skies! Is that a space marine (notquitetrademarked) in the background? Probably not!

The four players for this game were Phil and Richard on the Axis side, with Graham and Will on the Soviet side. Richard is new to the group, but the others have history and have grown to know each other’s playing styles well over the last 25 years or so, and there is a ritual to parts of the evening as Players seek moral ascendency over their opponents and *gasp* even the impartial umpire.

Kharkov_0520 GR storm into KHARKOV despite the best efforts of 16 Pz driving into their flank. Reports of Breakthrough Artillery  massing to the east add to the pressure.

Consequently, cries of outrage, despondency and disbelief will punctuate the evening at carefully judged moments, if it means that an advantage can be had; (I do not exclude myself from this practice either when  it adds spice to the evening). With this in mind, I have a Grumpy Wargamer award available for minor tantrums and a Radio Berlin or Moscow award for what Phil calls sledging.

Kharkov_06The full weight of the southern part of the attack can be seen here, with DNEPROPETROVSK at top left and KHARKOV at top right of the picture.

The tension for the umpire comes when a part of the game is important for a campaign result, but does not necessarily result in a balanced game. On these occasions, I will try to solo game the fill-in parts, but over the years, Graham has had his fair share of desperate defensive battles. He may be cheering up nowadays, sensing a change in the wind.

Kharkov_08Signal Magazine : A closer look at the brave defenders of DNEPROPETROVSK.
Pravda : As our troops advance, evidence of the destruction wrought by the Fascists in DNEPROPETROVSK
is found.

It may be worth summarising that in the NQM campaign the Germans took and held MOSCOW at the expense of reaching the Caucasus oilfields and STALINGRAD. Guess where all the tanks are being built in the south?



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4 responses to “Winter Offensive 1942 – Kharkov 2

  1. Mike

    Wargamers complaining and whining? No…..I have never ever heard of such a thing. Nope, never.


  2. yesthatphil

    Don’t worry, Mike … that is just Chris – other designer/umpires call it feed back and input … Chris just classifies it all as whining and complaining (positive or negative) 🙂

    (Grumpy? I can do any of the dwarfs as appropriate)


  3. I know that I have the scenario balance just about right when both sides are feeding back to me that the odds are stacked against them 🙂


  4. 40kterminatus

    Would not be a game without a little difference of everybodys view of the rules and how they can bend them 🙂


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