Winter Offensive 1942 – Kharkov 3

As the second evening of this game started, reinforcements began to arrive for both sides: Command and control assets for the Axis* and more breakthrough armour for the Soviets. The following series of photographs illustrates the intense nature of the fighting all along the front. Despite continuous counter-attacks, the Germans were allowed no respite, and were pushed out of KHARKOV by 270 Guards Rifle Division.

Kharkov_20 Looking east, as the Hungarian 10 Infantry Division crumbles, 5th SS Panzer Division moves to plug the gap opening to the south of KHARKOV.

Kharkov_21To the north of KHARKOV, 10 Panzer Division is assailed by 5 Shock Army It can be seen that KHARKOV has already succumbed to 270 Guards Rifle Division‘s ferocious assault.

Kharkov_22Stukas batter KHARKOV as armoured counterattacks close in to the outskirts of the city.

1 Panzer Gruppe were not taking the loss of KHARKOV lying down, however. Ferocious counterattacks succeeded in dislodging the Soviet occupiers, but not without cost to both sides.

Kharkov_23270 Guards Rifle Division is thrown back out of KHARKOV with heavy losses.

Any relief that 1 Panzer Gruppe might have hoped to receive from XLIV Korps in the south was dashed by the developing Soviet offensive against DNEPROPETROVSK. Just as 51 Army had been halted by 9 Panzer Division, the lead division of 28 Army entered the battle.

Kharkov_24The attack on DNEPROPETROVSK develops.

… to be continued.

* The two SdKfz 263s that came directly from QRF arrived on the morning of the first game, a fortnight after ordering from a third party. A quick look at the castings told me that they were not stick and spray jobs. In the event, a lot of filing, filling and bending was needed to make the models presentable. I would imagine that the mould had not been spun for some time. Spot not one, but two SdKfz 263s in the photo below.


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