A major operation like KHARKOV ends with troops being pushed back into boxes willy-nilly. The organised chaps like Treb and Phil have labelled boxes with dividers and slots for their armies, but that takes away some of the random surprises that this campaign has generated, so I let a degree of chance dictate where some of the troops end up for the next battle.

KHARKOV highlighted the need for some more Soviet motor rifle troops mounted in trucks. I already have these splendid fellows :

Motor Rifle Troops 1

But a few more will free up my dismounted motor rifle troops to form more infantry divisions, of which I have too few. An hour profitably spent, sticking some of the excellent PSC Soviet infantry in summer uniforms into the back of a Zvezda Zil truck, produced this :

Motor Rifle Troops 2

I am a huge fan of the anatomical proportions of these sculpts, and less so of the newer late war British infantry, although I suspect that I am in the minority here. My motor rifle troops are mounted onto a card sabot, so that the truck can double as a logistic unit if required. Having introduced Phil to the idea of WW2 units on bases, and tanks with turrets glued on, he has now brought me around to the idea of not gluing loads into the back of trucks. If I’m not careful, I shall find myself yearning for rare earth magnets next 🙂

On the plus side, some of my dodgier substitutes* are being pushed lower down the order of battle as the trend for more 15mm plastic continues. The kits are bringing some much-needed availability into the logistic train.

More Suspicious Substitutes - this time KVs

More Suspicious Substitutes – this time KVs

*As far as I am aware, the Soviets did not practice the German concept of Ersatz Fahrzeuge, so  Soviet substitutes are marked as Замена оборудования (zamena obrudovarnihya – replacement equipment). This comes straight from here and an online Bing translator, so I have no idea if the phrase is correct or not.


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4 responses to “Reorganisation

  1. Mike

    I do the same when our big games are over, I just put the various stands into boxes willy nilly to get it picked up then forget about it all til the next game with that collection. I open the boxes and frown as now I have to sort this mess – I should be more organized, sigh.

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  2. I feel your pain, Mike 🙂


  3. I insist on putting my own toys away, it eases my OCD that way as I like to sort them by weapon type (singly mounted figures, everything else gos by unit). The exception for this is when running a campaign they it is up to the player who will be using the figures to sort them….



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    • Hi Pete,
      I suspect that the whole history of military stamping, shouting and marching around in straight lines owes itself to the same urges we all feel when faced with untidy heaps of stuff 🙂 . Treb sorts his AK47 toys by type, but I’ve successfully resisted such an obviously sensible notion for over 25 years now. It is always gratifying when players build their own units to use in the campaign, as it implies a level of engagement that may not be there when they are just pushing my toys around.

      Regards, Chris


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