Men Looking Heroic in Trucks

More progress on the motor rifle infantry leaves them ready to play as Green troops in their first battle with a basecoat, ink wash and helmets painted. Faces and detail to follow.  Motor Rifle 3 My original Peter Pig trucks have had a drybrush of the Crafter’s Acrylic Cashmere that I have been using for the Soviets to produce the light stone colour that is sometimes seen on vehicles.

Motor Rifle 4Hopefully,  the authentic Soviet  ‘Posing Heroically in Trucks’ look has been nailed!





Filed under 15mm Miniatures Wargames, Infantry, Modelling, Soviet Army, Trucks, WWII

4 responses to “Men Looking Heroic in Trucks

  1. Arthur

    Nice, very pretty even…


  2. Why, thank you, Good Sir 🙂


  3. Mike

    I think they are going to come out looking great. For me, all my Soviet trucks have always been one color, green – of course dirty and mudcovered. But I like the look of your trucks.
    Do I see some black troops in there with fezzes? No wonder the Reds seemed to have inexhaustible manpower????? 🙂


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