Built-up Areas – Going all Tony Hart

Readers of a certain age will remember Vision-on and Tony Hart*. There have always been variations on a theme of Charles Grant’s ruined buildings (with or without the not-ruined covers), and the success of Graham and Phil’s built-up areas seen previously got me thinking about variations on the “rows of burned out windows”. I wanted to do  something like the cut out skylines that you see in collages of cityscapes. In other words, a profile with a bit of depth created by shading and layers to create the illusion of a city rather than a 1/100 bombed out building.

Still bemused? Here is the first cut using cork, card, basswood and thin marine ply :


Test for contrast :


And the first undercoat with added detail for the illusion of depth:


A bit of painting to follow …

There is a lot of good stuff around on blogs at the moment, so of course I can’t find the links that I just know are there :

Bob Cordery’s L-shaped buildings : http://wargamingmiscellany.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/another-prototype-l-shaped-built-up-area.html

*Everyone else will just Thumble-it on their Smartphones



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4 responses to “Built-up Areas – Going all Tony Hart

  1. Chris,
    Very nice indeed! I might try using cork for some of my BUAs … if I can find some.
    All the best,


  2. I really like this idea, well done!


  3. Thanks for the kind words Gentlemen.

    Regards, Chris.


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