This Used to be Such a Nice City …

Once the basecoat was dry, block colours followed, then black to outline the windows :



And a limited palette of  colours to provide depth …


This used to be a People’s Paradise *Sigh*





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10 responses to “This Used to be Such a Nice City …

  1. Chris,

    I love what you have done … and it has given me one or two ideas.

    All the best,


  2. Thanks for the kind words Bob. The picture of the University of Kharkov is not dissimilar to the Riddings Secondary Modern School in Scunthorpe in the mid ’50s.

    Regards, Chris.

  3. Chris

    Ah yes, Kharkov as the artist sees it. I pick a strong identifying building when building my skeleton cities too. Arnhem is bridge and church, Cologne is cathedral, Stalingrad has a number and then, of course, bomb the hell out of them. You just gotta love it..


    • So what would we go with for Stalingrad, Arthur?
      The Grain Silo and Red October Factory, obviously.
      The Kurgan, at least 2 stations and Pavlov’s house.
      What else do you think?

      • There’s definitely more for the authentic tourist experience; nice annotated maps at – “” and “”. Some decoration from an aerial viewpoint can take care of things like the railway tennis racquet or even use a suitably sized print of the city plan as background.

  4. It’s not downtown Wellingrad then?

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