Flatpack Moscow

The Axis powers have been occupying a purpose-built MOSCOW tile  for some time now, but before its next game it is time to add a few more flat vertical dividers in the style of KHARKOV. Here is the baseboard before it gets the Ikea makeover. The NKVD would approve of the wild inaccuracy of this German intelligence model of the city for briefing LittleHitler.


This is the view a Heinkel pilot would have trying to bomb the centre of Moscow:


And here is how the model usually appears from the east with its fill-in buildings. Native Muscovites are entitled to look confused at this point:


I have a thing about the colour of concrete. Our minds tell us that it is Portland Cement grey. In reality it is usually dustier, lighter and more of a biscuit shade. Even so, MOSCOW needs greying a little to get rid of the African Shanty Town look. Blackadder may feel that more elephants and fewer armament factories are needed. To be continued …



Filed under 15mm Miniatures Wargames, Modelling, WWII

4 responses to “Flatpack Moscow

  1. Splendid bit of work. Perhaps a slightly more burned out look would provide authentic European drabness (greyness). Armed tourists like to see the after effects of their travels.


  2. That is SO good, Chris! Really impressed.


    • Thanks for the kind words, James. I’m blushing at this point, because although the idea is good, my usual scrappy execution is well to the fore. I’m working on it though.


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