Flatpack Moscow 3

The city template has been blocked out with a blue-green-grey undercoat. The aim will be to have the brighter colours on the older buildings in the city centre, with more grey,  burning and shell holes out on the outskirts.

Moscow_04Moscow_05Moscow looking West

The city is divided into cells, being differentiated by black lines and different ground colours. North is off to the right of the picture below.


Phil Steele very kindly gave me a Celtic cross that he had spare. I briefly toyed with the idea of leaving it silver, as a tribute to his celebrated technique of headswopping just before a battle!

Moscow_06Moscow_11Moscow looking North

As the rows of windows advance, the city is beginning to take on three dimensions, despite the buildings being flat facades. For me, the illusion is complete, but then I’m easily pleased. I don’t mind that some of the original stations and St Basil’s are in 3-D, or that some of the doors and buildings are in different scales. The discrepancies are lost in the welter of detail.

Moscow_08Moscow looking East

Moscow_09Moscow looking South. Muscovites will be looking closely to see if they can see their house from here!



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3 responses to “Flatpack Moscow 3

  1. Bob Cordery


    I must admit I am very impressed with the way this project is developing. You have managed to convey the impression of a significant built-up area and yet at the same time there is plenty of room in which to place your figures and vehicles.

    All the best,



  2. Chris,
    Very impressive urban development. A 5 year plan in 3 years (or less) indeed! 😉

    Red Front!


  3. It has taken me 30 years to get to 1942, so 5 year plans are but a blink of the eye, James :-).

    Thanks for the compliments Bob. How are the L-shaped buildings coming on?


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