Flatpack Moscow 4 – Gorky Park

Six hundred and forty one windows later, MOSCOW is looking fairly complete.I really enjoyed painting this project for a few minutes each evening, just chilling out.


Moscow looking north west

One late addition to the city is the treeline at GORKY PARK (Парк горького). I kept thinking that the northeast corner of the city was a little bare, so trees were the answer.


Moscow looking south west

Spring/high summer won out over the more colourful autumn or the equally tempting bare branches of winter. I couldn’t resist adding a few tables with parasols.

IMGP0143 The summer delights of Gorky Park

It is tempting to keep faffing and adding more detail, but the template is ready to game with. Saint Basil’s can wait for now. I shall hunt for some more suitable statues than the Space marines some day.

IMGP0140 Moscow looking south east

The Kremlin and Red Square are looking suitably red, but they will have to wait until the city is retaken for a proper May Day parade. The Fascists may yet be strutting up and down for a while longer.

IMGP0144Red Square looking south east

IMGP0141Moscow looking north east



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3 responses to “Flatpack Moscow 4 – Gorky Park

  1. Chris,

    The whole thing is most impressive and certainly conveys the feeling of being a large BUA. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing the gallant proletarian defenders crushing the invading Hitlerite hordes when the latter reach Moscow.

    All the best,



  2. Chris

    Very successful, I am impressed.

    But here’s the thing, Wehrmacht Travel Command needs an ofiice in downtown Moscow – “Have Tank, Will Travel” billboard in Russian of course.

    PS Have had problems trying to login to post – clearly sorted now.


  3. Thanks for the kind words chaps.


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